My All Time Favourite Shoes


I have been trying to edit my shoe collection and invest in shoes I really love that will last for years. I don’t own any Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choos just yet, (hopefully I will one day!) but these KG by Kurt Geiger white peep-toe heels are my favourite pair of shoes I own….so far!

I ordered these online and thought they would be a creamy/nude colour, but they were actually white when I received them. I’ve never been a fan of white shoes and always thought they looked a bit harsh but I love these and think they are actually quite subtle. Peep-toes are one of my favourite styles of shoes, I think they look very classic and elegant.

These shoes go with almost anything for a variety of different looks. I have worn them with jeans and a plain top in more  neutral colours to smarten a casual look as well as with brightly coloured dresses on nights out or with a leather jacket and shorts for a more edgy look.

I’ve had a look on the Kurt Geiger website and these don’t seem to be available anymore but there should be similar shoes available as they are such a basic, classic style of shoe. What do you think of these? What are your favourite pair of shoes?


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