Cult Beauty Buy #1: MAC Russian Red Lipstick

As I have a huge, ever-increasing wishlist of cult beauty products I want to try, thought I would do a new series of posts dedicated to these (not that it’s an excuse to buy them all!) These are all going to be products I’ve heard beauty bloggers rave about, some old, some more recent.

Finally got my hands on this infamous red lipstick I had wanted forever, MAC Russian Red.

It’s described as a deep blue-toned red that suits all skin tones.

It’s a very very pigmented beautiful deep red colour which I really think would suit most skin-tones. It has a matt texture but is not drying at all.

I am a newbie to red lipstick and don’t have the most amazing make-up skills but have no problems with this lipstick, it’s so easy to apply and instantly makes you feel chic and sophisticated.

I absolutely love this lipstick! It has now become my all time favourite lipstick. Would recommend to everyone, especially beginners wanting to try wearing red for the first time . Love it!

Do you guys have MAC’s Russian Red? What do you think?


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