New In: NARS eyeliner in Via De’ Martelli (Chocolate Brown)

Although I have spent hours and hours at my nearest NARS counter over the years swatching the beautiful blushes and lipsticks, I have only just bought my first ever NARS product.

Photo 17-08-2013 15 49 18

I bought a Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via De’ Martelli from the new Fall 2013 Color Collection.

I usually wear black eyeliner daily but this can look quite harsh so I wanted to tone it down and wear a dark brown liner instead. This eyeliner is a deep dark-brown chocolate colour. I love the colour, it is great for adding definition to they eyes but is a lot more subtle than black.

The eyeliner is very soft and easy to apply yet also very long-lasting. I wear it in the waterline and it lasts all day without smudging which is a first for me as I usually always end up with panda eyes from where my usual black liner has smudged. I also love that this eyeliner twists up, and there is a small built in sharpener on the end for when you want more precise lines.

Although this eyeliner is a lot more pricey than my usual drugstore eyeliners (£19.00!), I can definitely notice the difference in the quality of the product.

My first ever NARS purchase has been very successful, and I have already added several more products to my wishlist!

What do you guys think of NARS products? What was your first ever NARS purchase?


12 thoughts on “New In: NARS eyeliner in Via De’ Martelli (Chocolate Brown)

  1. This is a lovely review, I’ve never tried any of the NARS eyeliners before – only the lipsticks and blushers/bronzers. My first NARS purchase was Laguna, I think and was a present from my boyfriend! 🙂

    Christina | Passion Obsession – Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

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